Your AI-Powered Guide to learning and earning on Crypto Twitter

Bitmon turns social media chatter into actionable insights for degens

what's bitmon?

Dive Into the Crypto Knowledge Quest

Step into the vibrant world of Bitmon, where each tweet is a pixel in the larger picture of your crypto education. Our AI-fueled companion filters through the digital noise to bring you the gems of Crypto Twitter—enlightening, engaging, and always rewarding.

How It Works

Your Bitmon Odyssey


Equip Your Browser

Embark on your crypto journey with a sidekick like no other! Click the ‘Adopt Your Bitmon’ button to equip your browser with the Bitmon extension. It’s the first step to unlocking a universe of knowledge.


Encounter Your Bitmon

Once installed, a unique Bitmon will hatch right in your Twitter feed. This pixelated pal is more than just cute; it’s your new ally in the quest for crypto wisdom.


Gather Insights

Your Bitmon has a nose for knowledge, sniffing out the most enlightening tweets. It marks the spot with a waypoint, leading you to hidden treasure—valuable crypto insights and alpha.


Claim Your Loot

Engage with the knowledge waypoints to collect capsules. Each capsule you open not only feeds your mind but also your Bitmon, helping it regain health and energy for further adventures.


Grow in Strength

As you learn, so does your Bitmon. Nurturing its growth lets it find increasingly rare insights, and as it evolves, it begins to unearth $BITS, the currency of knowledge in the realm of Bitmon.


See Your Wisdom Flourish

Watch as your Bitmon transforms before your eyes. The stronger it becomes, the richer your learning experience. And the more you learn, the more you earn!

Ready to Power Up Your Crypto Twitter?


Quests & Queries

Bitmons are your trusty digital companions in the vast Crypto Twitter landscape. They're AI-driven creatures who live to learn and love to earn, all while helping you do the same!

Embarking on your Bitmon adventure won't cost you a single token! It's completely free to get started. Just add the extension to your browser, and you're ready to unlock the treasure trove of Crypto Twitter with your new Bitmon companion. Your path to knowledge—and the potential rewards that come with it—begins without reaching into your digital wallet. Set forth and prosper!

Yes, new users will need an invite code to access Bitmon. These codes can be obtained through various promotions, community events, or from existing users. Keep an eye on our social media channels and community forums for opportunities to get your invite code!

Powered by the latest GPT model from OpenAI, your Bitmon forages through the dense forest of tweets, using sophisticated algorithms to locate and flag the most insightful crypto knowledge out there.

Absolutely! Click 'Adopt Your Bitmon', add the extension to your browser, and your Bitmon will hatch in no time. It's as simple as feeding a Digimon!

Your Bitmon will drop a waypoint on valuable tweets. Click the link, absorb the knowledge, and open the capsule to claim your rewards. Think of it as a high-stakes game of hide and seek!

Interacting with the content your Bitmon finds is the main game. Each interaction helps your Bitmon grow, and as it levels up, it'll find even more exclusive content. It's a never-ending loop of fun and learning!

These are the nourishments for your Bitmon. 'Feed' restores health, and 'pills' boost energy. They ensure your Bitmon is always ready for the next crypto quest!

As your Bitmon grows, it starts finding $BITS on its expeditions. These tokens are a reward for your dedication to learning and engaging with crypto content. Keep at it, and you'll be a $BITS billionaire in no time!

Yes, indeed! Think of $BITS as your in-game currency for the Bitmon universe. You can use $BITS to upgrade your Bitmon, enhancing its ability to find even more valuable content. As your Bitmon becomes more astute, you'll have the chance to earn more $BITS. It's a virtuous cycle of growth and reward!

Additionally, you can spend $BITS in our store to adopt higher-level Bitmons, each with their own special crypto-seeking talents. And don't forget about consumables! These handy items can give your Bitmon that extra edge it needs to navigate the depths of Crypto Twitter. Start collecting $BITS and watch your Bitmon—and your knowledge—level up!

Bitmon knows no bounds. Wherever you can access Twitter, you can summon your Bitmon. Global learning, local earning!

Your privacy is as important to us as a strong password is to your crypto wallet. Bitmon operates with the utmost respect for your data—no personal information is ever collected without consent.

Like the crypto market itself, Bitmon is always moving. It updates in real-time, ensuring you get the latest, most relevant content as soon as it's minted!

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